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Miscellaneous Accessories
Brand: G&W Model: 01PL00206
This microfibre wipe efficiently removes oil, grease, dirt, water, and dust from all common cleaning surfaces, even delicate ones such as mirrors and marble. It is soft and flexible, with a pleasant touch, and resists to autoclave. This wipe also offers good durability and it's resistant to most com..
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Brand: G&W Model: AFVKRR001
58's Flying V rubber knee rest.  ► Features: Other dimensions available. Please ask. Rubber won't be corner cut in this case. It will be delivered straight, to your required dimensions. Dimensions: Long: 205mm Width: 25mm Thickness: 3.5mm..
Ex Tax:5.00€
Brand: G&W Model: A59LPOV001
59's historic LP overlay made of black dyed wood veneer 1.7mm thick...
Ex Tax:20.32€
Brand: G&W Model: ATS01
Keep your guitar in tune and keep your bridge locked in place. Use the Tremolo Stopper, this is an efficient and economical way to resolve tremolo return positioning problems, block your bridge from floating,  this unit is for Fender/Floyd Rose style locking tremolo bridges and non locking tre..
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Brand: BlackSmith Model: M20-BS
Fret guards or fretboard protectors with 5 blades from XS frets until XL, and a measuring rule MM/INCH. ..
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Brand: BlackSmith Model: W001-BS
The BlackSmith Player Winder is the ultimate all-in-one restringing tool, featuring eight different functions. Designed to work with multiple types of instruments, it is incredibly easy to use and allows you to spend more time playing and less time restringing! Convenient carrying pouch included...
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Brand: BlackSmith Model: M032
BlackSmith micro fiber cloth.Random color...
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Brand: BlackSmith Model: W002-BS
BlackSmith Peg WinderRandom color...
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Brand: BlackSmith Model: SRSL-BS
BlackSmith Silicone Strap Locks prevents guitar straps from slipping off at any circumstances.Pack of 8...
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Brand: G&W Model: BMGFT
BMG fake tremolo cover.A detail add on a Fake tremolo cover, which is on the BMG guitars, but not on Burn's replicas, we have made these available now as an add on.Attaching this is up to the owner, by either double sided tape or a combination a screw and double sided
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Brand: Hosco Model: FREST
Finger rest for bass guitars Made in Japan.SAM (DR001 BLACK)..
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Brand: G&W Model: FPCWS
Keep everything organized and ready-to-go with this wood support for the fret press caul and the brass inserts. This item does not include the fret press caul or any brass inserts. Only the wood support piece!Wood species may vary...
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