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Brand: G&W Model: AGB-CC
Perfect tool for gluing acoustic guitar bridges, distributing clamping pressure across the acoustic bridge.It will work with one  or multiple clamps, conforming to the contours of the bridge...
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Brand: G&W Model: 510435
Lightweight with tough hornbeam heads with galvanised steel bars, these have the fastest action of all. Used by violin makers where many clamps are needed but total weight would be a problem. The cork faced jaws can exert a considerable amount of pressure without marking the work. 300x100mm &n..
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Brand: G&W Model: TNSC002
Clamp Caul Protector Protect your necks while working on them. Prevents scratches, beats, knocks. Lined with 2mm natural cork. ► Features: Made of ash Dimensions: Long: 70mm Width: 70mm Thickness: 27mm  ..
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Brand: G&W Model: ALLI01
Pair of metal alligator clamps. It can be used to easily insert screws on pickups. Just pull the spring back, clamp the alligator and insert the screws. No more loosen springs. 50mm long.  ..
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Brand: G&W Model: SPOOC
Spool Wood Species: BeechOur spool clamps feature two wooden spools, attached to a long threaded bolt.The handle is shaped ergonomically for an easier action.The spools feature a cork base.Available for sale individually, as a set of 5 or 10 spool clamps. (Please select the desired option when ..
Ex Tax:6.50€
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