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Model: BUSH10.3
Bushings for the classical tuner drilling jig!3 Piece Package.Diameter (centerhole) - 10.3mmMade of Stainless Steel...
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Model: BUSH6.5
Bushings for the acoustic tuner drilling jig!3 Piece Package.Diameter (centerhole) - 6.5mmMade of Stainless Steel...
Ex Tax:11.00€
Brand: G&W Model: AGB-CC
Perfect tool for gluing acoustic guitar bridges, distributing clamping pressure across the acoustic bridge.It will work with one  or multiple clamps, conforming to the contours of the bridge...
Ex Tax:17.89€
Brand: G&W Model: AL-B-FRJ
Aluminium base for the Fretboard Radius Jig. Only suitable for the third and fourth version of the Fretboard Radius Jig, it won't fit on the first two versions we manufactured. Note:For the customers who have the first or second version of the Fretboard Radius Jig, you can actually use it, but ..
Ex Tax:14.63€
Brand: G&W Model: BRJ1
Made of aluminium, with a beautiful black anodized finish.This jig allows your router to glide vertically in order to trail the body's top edge. The best solution for a precise binding work!Respective allen keys and body support blocks included.Suitable for: Bosch GKF600, Dewalt D26200, Makita ..
Ex Tax:150.00€
Brand: G&W Model: BJRJ01
See Video HereBody joint routing jig - Dovetail, Straight Mortise and Tenon. Centerline 3mm acrylic template included.Designed and developed by G&W and luthier Cândido Jacob.10mm acrylic templates on the pictures not included...
Ex Tax:100.81€
Brand: G&W Model: CGB1
Made of plywood.Great combination with Binding Routing Jig for precise binding works!Check this video to see it on use with the Binding Routing Jig...
Ex Tax:16.26€
Brand: G&W Model: DIALIN
Dial Indicator suitable for guitar neck jigs. ► Features: Resolution 0.01mmRange 0-10mm..
Ex Tax:19.51€
Brand: G&W Model: F-TR-DJ
We designed this great tool for everyone that works with f-style and single action truss rod cavities. It allows you to drill both ends of the cavity with the required angle and depth, without eyeballing and risking everything while drilling, which can be quite difficult to do just by hand.Made of b..
Ex Tax:45.52€
Brand: G&W Model: FT-SJ
Adjusting guitars with floating tremolos, locking or non-locking, has always been an extra challange to any setup due to spring tension and, in order to simplify the setup, we always end up using some improvised jig or shim that most of the times involves removing the back plate using whatever we mi..
Ex Tax:8.13€
Brand: G&W Model: FTF
The Fret Tang Filer holds the fret for you so you just have to worry about filing the fret tang excess left by the tang nipper.Preparing the fretwire for a bound fretboard is tedious job, and by the 12th fret your holding hand will show evident signs of fatigue and this is where this little jig shin..
Ex Tax:32.52€
Brand: G&W Model: FRJV3
Version 3. Updated with new dimensions!Jig with compensation radius, that allows a 80mm wide fretboard (like Version 2).Easy way to make your radius on fretboards. This aluminium/acrylic jig will slide easily through the wood jig (not included) and will shape your fretboards almost to perfection (yo..
Ex Tax:105.61€
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