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Brand: G&W Model: 21602569
Frontal cutter, leaves your fretwire close to your fretboard, clean cut, avoids too much fret end filing. For using with nickel silver fretwire. Not suitable for stainless steel fretwire or other harder leagues.  ..
Ex Tax:16.25€
Brand: Hosco Model: TL-FC190
High quality fret cutter made in Japan by Hosco. Not suitable for Stainless steel fretwire. 190mm lenght.  HOS (TL-FC190)..
Ex Tax:34.81€
Brand: Hosco Model: TL-FC28S
High quality frontal fret cutter suitable for stainless steel fretwire. Easy cutting and less power using leverage. This works not only for fretwork, but also for needle springs or piano wire cutting.Quality made in Japan.210mm lenght. HOS..
Ex Tax:34.96€
Brand: G&W Model: AICC1203
Excellent quality side cutter, full flush cutting. Can be used for inumerous tasks, like side marker cutter, string cutter and wire cutter. Very useful and handy in every situation...
Ex Tax:8.12€
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