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Customer Service FAQ

- When will I receive my order?

During the checkout process, the shipping methods available to your country will present an estimated delivery time.

Some of the shipping methods will provide a tracking code and notify you whenever your order dispatches from our facilities. If you’re experiencing unusual delay, feel free to text us through email or our social media.

- I’ve placed an order but there’s a mistake! What can I do?

If you ordered a wrong item/quantity or if you just changed ideas and want to trade an item, get in touch with us through email ([email protected]) and if possible write your order ID, it helps us making everything faster for both sides!

- Is this product really out-of-stock?

Stock control can be tricky so when a product is marked with the “Out-of-stock” label there’s three possibilities:

    1. It really is out-of-stock;

    2. We’re already working on having it back in stock;

    3. Lucky you, there’s one or two items left of that product!

So, if you’re in a hurry and you really need a product, feel free to get in touch with us.

- Does G&W makes custom tonewood/template/parts?

We can make a few adjusments on the products we manufacture so just tell us your ideas and what you need!

Please consider some of them will be possible but others won’t, as we’re not a custom parts/tonewoods/templates manufacturer.

Custom parts can be more expensive than the standard ones.

(Customizations not applicable on retail products).

- Can I shop at G&W facilities?

Sure you can, show up whenever you need our products. If you’re in a hurry, you can place an order and pick it up here or bring your own list of products you want to check and buy.

In case you’re interested in a tonewood blank (which takes 1/2 days of work), a pre-order and payment is required.

- Does G&W manufactures guitars?

We build guitars from time to time but just for our own pleasure and entertainment. Some of them make their way to our website waiting for a new owner!

- Does G&W has a repair/setup service for guitars?

We do not provide those services, we’re just a luthier supplying company. Anyhow, we can provide you some contacts of well-known tech’s in Portugal.

Thank you for choosing G&W, our tool - you rule!