Excellent quality fret puller, full flush cut, to better bite the fret. Use only to pull frets, avoid cutting frets with it.



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  • Brand: G&W
  • Product Code: AIJP1006A
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 14.99€

Tags: fret, puller, luthier, tool, fretting

Acrylic templates to check curvature of standard S and T type necks. Includes curves at 1st, 7th and..
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Very useful tool for guitar setup, in milimeters.  Can mesure action string height, fret height..
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2mm DC Steel Laser cut Dual Fret Scale with 24.75" and 24.625" scales, up to 24 fret slots. Includes..
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rock and Roller neck rest. Very useful while repairing or doing final setups with your guitars. &..
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