Easy way to make your radius on fretboards. This aluminium/acrylic jig will slide easily through the wood jig (not included) and will shape your fretboards almost to perfection (you still need to sand with a radius block after this operation). This jig include a set of radius jig at your choice (choose under "Available Options") your desired radius to be delivered with original Fretboard Radius Jig. Aditional radius jigs can be purchased separately. Available 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12" and 16". Later depending on sales, we may add 14" and 20" too.

This one to fit Dewalt D26200

Also available for Bosch and Makita, browse our Fretboard Radius Jigs.

Please check this video on how to assemble and use the Fretboard Radius Jig.

NOTE: These have no compensation in radius between bottom of the router bit and actual radius jig, so it might show a small difference in radius. So we advise to not fully route down the fretboard, you can later settlethe correct radius with the fretboard radius sanding block.


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