This blog was created exactly for this, to give you some insight of how we manufacture/develop our products, and of course, to write in deeper detail about any kind of subject/product that may be interesting for you, as posting long texts on our social media can be quite boring (or not) for some people. So enjoy!

Here's a little video that sums up quite well how we manufacture our well-known Radius Sanding Beams. They're available in many different lengths and widths, with 7.25', 9.5', 10', 12', 14', 16' and 20' radius.

Why Goodfilla?
Why choosing Goodfilla for your guitar works?...
CNC and Routing Templates
Here’s a little vídeo going through the process of manufacturing our Acoustic Neck Joint Routing Templates (made of acrylic) with the CNC....
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