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29 Sep Why Goodfilla?
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A long time ago we discovered this amazing brand called Goodfilla and we went crazy... We did some tests with their wood fillers in order to test its reliability and the rest you already know, we ended up adding them to our catalog!These fillers were..
09 Jul CNC and Routing Templates
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Here’s a little video going through the process of manufacturing our Acoustic Neck Joint Routing Templates (made of acrylic) with the CNC.A precise routing is really important to cut accurate neck joints. They’re made of 10mm acrylic (featuring cente..
30 Jun How we turn a wood block into a Radius Sanding Beam...
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This blog was created exactly for this, to give you some insight of how we manufacture/develop our products, and of course, to write in deeper detail about any kind of subject/product that may be interesting for you, as posting long texts on our soci..
19 Jun Routing the perfect acoustic guitar neck and body joint!
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We developed and designed two amazing jigs, that we believe will make your neck and body joint works easier and way faster! We worked closely with Cândido Jacob, a well-known portuguese luthier and a really good friend, to achieve the best settings f..
24 Jun Shaping necks!
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There's many ways of working on the shape of a neck, whether it's with a straight or angled headstock. Some time ago, we developed a new design for a very interesting and simple jig, allowing us to work on both headstock types. Since it was released,..
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