All our wiring harnesses are all fully hand assembled in house, one by one, using in our opinion just the very best components on the market today while taking a great amount of care and attention during the process for the best possible tone with no signal losses or cold joints whatsoever. The final result will blow your mind!

Kit includes:
2x CTS 250K AUDIO Solid Shaft Potentiometers
1x TREBLE BLEED (1x JUPITER VINTAGE TONE .001uF capacitor + 150k resistor / parallel wiring)
1x HOSCO 3-way lever switch w/ gold contacts *
1x PURE TONE mono jack chrome
1x Wiring Diagram

* Wired with vintage push-back cloth wire.

* We can not stress enough how much precise and reliable these HOSCO selector are compared to the US competitors!

Wiring made by Eduardo Santos - Flat5 Guitarworks.

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