Brittle flakes, translucent yellow-brown to bright orange.

It is soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water and slightly soluble in acetone and ether. Shellac is a resin produced by some insects that live on the branches of some trees of India, the lacquer oil is collected from the tree and crushed and proceeds to its selection, then heated, compressed and becomes a plastic dough ready to extend, forming a thin plate and allowed to dry for later cut that is as we find in the market.

Shellac is hard and tough, and provides a good quality of coverage, the thin film has a high gloss that is resistant to abrasion and UV deterioration.

It is often used as polish in classical and flamenco guitar and classical technique cabinetry finish.

It aims to protect the wood and bring you closing the pores hardness and elasticity.

200 gr


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