DUAL NOTCHED GUITAR STRAIGHT EDGE 25.00"-24.90"/25.34"-25.40"

Dual Notched Guitar Neck Straight Edge 25.00"-24.90"/25.34"-25.40"

2mm Stainless Steel Laser cut Dual Guitar Neck Straight Edge for 25.00-24.90" and 25.34"-25.40" scales, up to 24 frets. Excellent for truss rod adjustment. These are laser cut, and may present some laser cutting marks, and accuracy may not be the highest grade, but still a good accuracy for the hobbyist. If you're looking for something more accurate, please have a look at our dual notched straight edge flat machined with the same scale lenghts. 

► Features: 
CNC Laser cut
Long: 500mm
Width: 40mm
Thickness: 2mm

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