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About Us

Guitars and Woods - Luthier Supplies (G&W) is a portuguese company manufacturing and selling guitar related products.
We mainly sell tonewoods, luthier tools and templates, but also some parts and innovative jigs.

G&W was established in 2011 but we already had a considerable background in the industry and long time connections to musicians and guitar makers/techs.
In 2012 we decided to create an online store in order to best meet our customers' needs and give them the best prices possible.
With a very deep knowledge of CNC technology and CAD/CAM software, we started building our own  products.
They're affordable, reliable and made with a quality only achievable with these machines.

We always have been very honest and helpful to our customers, as our numerous positive feedbacks prove, with thousands of sales throughout the world.
Another benefit of choosing our company is delivery speed.
If the product you desire is in stock, it will usually be delivered at the nearest post office during the same day (or the day after) after payment has been cleared.
So, if you want high quality products, honesty and quick delivery, you can count on us.


All the best!
Carlos Barros, G&W.
(founder and owner)