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Brand: G&W Model: BPP01
Long series pin punch with extended parallel pin, used for the removal of fender type nuts. Made of solid brass to prevent damages in your nuts...
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Brand: Hosco Model: TLINM3
High quality chisel made in Japan by Hosco.  3.0-3.2mm thickness.  HOS (TL-INM3)..
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Brand: Hosco Model: HGB4
These are very useful bars to slot grooves on your nuts. As soon as the files touches the groobar, you slot is at the ideal depth.  Made in Japan by Hosco.This set includes 4 bars, with the following thicknesses:0.042"0.050"0.056"0.065"Each Groobar is 80mmx12mmHOS (H-GB4) Video..
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Brand: Hosco Model: H-GNC
5 in 1 small and useful tool. 10mm : for mini potentiometers / blend pots / Gotoh SG series11mm : for potentiometers / push-pull control pots1/2" : for CTS potentiometers16mm : for knurled nut of Japanese toggle switchesMulti : for knurled nut of U.S. made toggle switches or othersFor in depth infor..
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Brand: Hosco Model: H-SGSW
The String Guide Saw features a special push-pull cut blade, shaped to start cutting with a push stroke. It also features a round and stopper design tip (safer for headstock/fingerboard/frets) and a black blade (easier to see the cutting line).Dimensions:Total Length: 190mmBlade Length: 60mmBlade Th..
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Model: EG-31
The Nut and Saddle Sander holds the nut or saddle perfectly vertical while you roll it over sandpaper on a flat surface. Adjustment screws set the amount you want to remove, and in moments the piece is squared up and truly flat. Perfectly square nuts and saddles in seconds! For solid cont..
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Model: EG-18
Measure the heights of the strings over the first fret quicker and more precisely,in order to file nut slot depths more accurately than ever. That'll result in a easier and more consistent playability that you can custom-tailor to individual instruments and playing styles.No need for "eyeballing" ..
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Brand: G&W Model: SAMTOOL01
Tool to tighten and untighten standard switch nuts.    SAM (TOOL-01)..
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Brand: Hosco Model: TRN10
Truss Rod nut bullet shape. 9mm diameter. M5 thread.HOS (TRN-10)    ..
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Brand: Hosco Model: TRN11
Truss Rod nut cylinder shape. 9mm diameter. M5 thread.    HOS (TRN-11)..
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Brand: Hosco Model: TRN12
Truss Rod nut cylinder shape and slotted. 9mm diameter. M5 thread.    ..
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